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Cool Mint

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I've been using Mint for a few years now and can't image moving away from it anytime soon. I've also found it to be very stable on the laptops/desktops I've run it on. And most importantly I've never had any wireless driver issues, which were the bane of my life on Linux before I came across Mint (or Ubuntu).

Cinnamon all the way!

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Based on Ubuntu LTS (min. 5 years of support) but with Cinnamon / Mate / KDE / XFCE and better update center.

A must for beginner!


MATE is the only good development from Minty land

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Gnome World Domination!!


baked in Privacy Rape

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I shall stick to ubuntu proper. Mint bakes in Privacy Rape for their profit model: not acceptable.

Can you provide examples?


gets better and better.

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i started my journey with ubuntu 10.04 5 years ago. I love mate, im using currently linux mint 17.2 mate for my laptop and desktop, i dont use anything else. both pcs work flawlessly, i have no problems to report. most users will be interested in cinnamon, mint offers you several de to choose from, cinnamon, mate, xfce and kde. you can install any other de even if not supported, like openbox. the point is youre not forced into one de like windows or mac. dont like mint? no problem look in distrowatch.com and start "distro hopping" everyone does at some point in gnu journey. BTW its really easy to learn mint, and fun too.

You can use MATE with Ubuntu. No need to suffer mint.


Very buggy

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I've installed it on three different laptops and everytime it was slow and buggy. Animations when switching between windows were rather laggy and often the apps included stopped reacting or didn't start at all.

If it works smoothly for someone, then cg!

I don't think that has something to do with Linux Mint per se. The problem you reported looks more like a lack of drivers.

Which desktop environment did you use? Did you try other Linux distributions (maybe with the same DE)?

I used the native Cinnamon and I was surpriesed too when I tried Ubuntu and even Kubuntu and both worked fine and Mint just didn't.

Well, did you try Mint with an alternative Desktop Environment like XFCE?

If another Linux distribution works fine for you, that's good. If you still want to install Mint, you can message me and I'll send you my Jabber address and/or help you with your issues.

Or you can post the specs of your computer and a "lsmod" here. There are also plenty of forums in which proficient users are who can help you with the issues.

No I haven't, I don't mean to spend a few hours just trying under which conditions the OS could run without obvious issues. For now I've sticked to Kubuntu, the UI is smart, highly customizable and it does what I command it to do. Thanks for the offered help anyway.


Best newbie-friendly Linux out there!

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I was lookin for some Linux on my notebook, cuz I've had enough of that Windows machinery. I tried almost every popular and well-known Linux distribution - Ubuntu, Fedora, openSUSE, Debian and I don't know what else. But Mint, that was pure love.


nowhere near as stable as non-LTS ubuntu

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not wholly ethical dev team