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Best Linux distro!

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I love Deepin this is my personal fav linux distro! And I love how different it is to others like the settings app how it is not a window it pops out on the side!
10 out of 10!


Hi SecurityChecker. Interesting name you have, given this problem: Deepin is not secure. It makes unencrypted connections to known Chinese trackers via its app store without user consent. This means someone in China is probably monitoring your system. See the links above for more information.

If you're so very madly in love with the desktop environment, you should know that it's possible to install it on most other Linux distros (e.g. Antergos, Manjaro, Ubuntu, etc.). Some distros even have a version with it directly for distribution (e.g. Manjaro). At least that way you'd have a secure OS underneath the GUI. However, I'd stick well away from anything Deepin-related.

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Beware! Spyware!

The app store of Deepin 15.5 makes unencrypted connections to known Chinese trackers, which is a serious security and privacy risk. This occurs approximately 20 minutes after boot-up without warning and without the user's consent.

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the deepin store has been now rewritten without cnzz