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Extremely convenient

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I've been using it for years with premium features activated (the Intellisense is definitely worth paying for), both at home and at work.

Every time I need to rapidly whip up some C# test code I fire up LINQPad and get right to it, since it's so much quicker and easier than having to take the long slow route through Visual Studio. I often write algorithms and thorougly test them out in LINQPad, and then transfer it into a project I'm currently working on, for production use. This way I save a lot of time and avoid debugging frustrations (the Dump extension method in LINQPad is wonderful for quick and comprehensive testing and debugging).

That it's also a simple and great way to do database work, especially through Entity Framework with LINQ, is a great bonus. I also think it's better than MS SQL Server Management Studio, though it of course doesn't have all of the features.

Highly recommended for all .NET code ninjas (and LINQ freaks). :)