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works great for hard links

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I was using dropboxifier earlier to sync links outside my dropbox

I haven't used link junction software that much, but I had to synchronize an excel VBA macro stored locally into dropbox

Dropboxifier didn't work since its only symlinks, so the main macro file I had was being stored in dropbox, and my local file was being "fooled" into going into the dropbox side. So my local files were outdated and dropbox was synced, which was fine, it wasn't a 1:1 relationship meaning there's only one main file here (inside dropbox)

However, symlinks failed in that there was something going on in the backend where Microsoft Excel would not reference my macro symlinks this way, so I needed something to generate a hardlink

I needed a program to make hardlinks and this one worked


Highly Recommended! Here is the official website now...

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This utility is absolutely amazing for simplifying the whole process of using hardlinks, junctions, and symbolic links... and if you don't quite understand how they all work, Hermann Schinagl has done a very thorough job of explaining the intricacies of these links.

Highly recommended for anyone interested in using symbolic links, etc. while making it so easy, by right-clicking and dropping, choosing the type of link.

He even has gone so far as to create different looking "shortcut overlays" so that they are immediately apparent whether they are a just a shortcut or one of these types of links (using red, green. etc.).

An amazingly simple, yet powerful utility!



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Producer- Site not available , alternative download via Heise