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The best program i met so far.

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I used bunch of offline dictionaries including babylon,stardict, translateit ,sdictionary .This program is the best program i met so far. Reasons for that is :
-All dictionaries are free including most popular babylon dictionaries,
-Easy to install.It works as exactly as babylon Ctrl right click combination

  • Thousands are dictionaries that you can download from their web sites. Dictionaries that i use are American Heritage Dictionary 4th Edition, Cambridge Advanced Learner's Dictionary, Collins COBUILD Advanced Learner's Dictionary,

Collins Cobuild English Grammar, Collins English Dictionary, Concise English Dictionary, Dictionary of English Abbreviations, English Idioms Dictionary, English Slang Dictionary, English Synonym and Antonym Dictionary, Essential English Dictionary, FOLDOC Computing Dictionary, Investopedia Financial Terms, Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English, Longman Language Activator
MacMillan English Dictionary — American, Merriam-Webster Collegiate Dictionary, Microsoft Computer Dictionary, Moby Thesaurus II
Oxford Advanced Learner's Dictionary, Oxford Business English Dictionary for Learners, Oxford Collocations Dictionary for Students of English, Oxford Dictionary Of Allusions, Oxford World Encyclopedia (1998), Random House Webster's Unabridged Dictionary, Roget's II — The New Thesaurus, The Oxford Thesaurus — An A-Z Dictionary of Synonyms, Vicon English Dictionary, Webster's New World Essential Vocabulary, Wikipedia English, Word Orgins Dictionary,


Google Translate downloadable thingy for Lingoes

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I notice that, for example, Google Translate is more popular around here than Lingoes. And that's fine...

...but the reader should know that there's a Google Translate downloadable thingy for Lingoes... so one could have Lingoes and STILL have the most popular Google Translate running within it.

For whatever that's worth.

Remember, too, that Lingoes is more than just a translator. That, in fact, is what I use it for the least. For me, it's the dictionaries, thesaurus, currency converter, and some other stuff. That said, the translation part is way cool, too.

I'm actually the one who submitted Lingoes to this web site... even though I'm not its author or have anything to do with the company. It's just that I throught Lingoes was so much better than CERTAINLY all the freeware alternatives, and pretty much even most of the commercial ones, that I figured everyone should know about it.

I, personally, couldn't live without it. But I admit that it does take a little time figuring out which dictionaries and other stuff to download; then precisely the order they should be in, and then exactly how to configure every last little thing. I'm still tweaking it a little to get everything just right. It's really something, though. I actually used it to replace, believe it or not, a full commercial version of Bablefish. It's that good.

Hope that helps!


Super good alternative to Babylon

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Indeed the best free offline and online translator, with many free premium dictionary from Longman, Websters, Collins,... and Wikipedia, Google dict. Also support English-Vietnamese translation with colorful, easy to read layout too. Super good as an alternative to Babylon commercial software which cost a lot.


The best Translator I ever met!

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This is the best integrated Offline and Online Translator I ever met!

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Today I discovered Lingoes Translator.
After installation (many languages) it works with individually downloadable and selectable dictionaries or online translation services. I like it very much, that I get a quick translation of a text, if I copy it in the clipboard. This is really very comfortable.