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LINE the worst of them all

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I live in Japan and it's hard not using this POS, because everybody is using LINE these days. However it's one of the worst pieces of crap I've ever used for messaging. Here are my major gripes:

  1. Uses an oddball UI tool on the desktop. Doesn't remotely feel like a native app nor behave like one
  2. The mobile app just ignores privacy settings even when I set Android to not display any details on my login screen for new messages, LINE will happly splurt the contents of new messages on screen.
  3. You must give them your phone number. Full stop. There's now no way to get a LINE account without a smartphone
  4. The desktop app is tied to the smartphone. Lose your smartphone or buy a new one and your account is basically toast
  5. Moving from one phone to another and trying to move your account over is a royal pain in the ass
  6. History is retained, or not or, whatever. On the PC chat history gets randomly deleted, with no clear way to predict when and why. On mobile, if you remove the app and reinstall it with the same account credentials, your history is still gone. No way to get it back.

and i used to have LINE account and somehow it gets reset to factory reset, all my friend list, groups, and stickers are all gone

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Line Android
have every features with exclusive features such as LINE Coins, Jobs, Nearby, etc

LINE Lite For Android
only able to chat

LINE for Chrome
only able to chat, Must logout when app closes

LINE for Windows
have every features except exclusive features

LINE For Windows 10
have every features except exclusive features, Force close itself when high resource usage detected

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Users have timeline to write posts and share photos and videos.


Popular in Japan despite bugs

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The most used messenging app in Japan, more than Facebook/email/SMS and other apps.

Despite that, it has many bugs, especially the desktop app.

If you have a MVNO carrier, you are out of luck, some features will not work.