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Stable, very feature-rich, and great support

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We've been using this for several years now in a business environment, to automate file moving all over the network. One file to many, file renaming in transit, copying based on regex filters, auto-creation of folders with dynamic naming, emailing notifications and handles a bunch of protocols.

We did run across a problem accessing files in a proprietary FTP server we use here, but Limagito support was very quick to respond, and had a revision to their software written within a day, to take care of our self-induced dilemma.

Limagito File Mover chugs along for months without any problem. In fact, I can't remember a single time in the years we've used it where it ever locked up or stopped.


You state that Limagito chugs along for months without problems. How many files/GBs of data would you say are being moved on a daily basis?
We are looking to use this application, but our peak is around 45k files/20GB of data per day and I can't find any Throughput or Transfer speed data at this time.
Any information regarding this would be greatly appreciated.