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LightZone, though simple compared to some other opensource products, is very capable of post-processing images to create amazing results. When gaining first impressions it, a person may see that it draws more inspiration from photo editors compared to others. It boasts itself as the first program ever to feature masking for RAW images. When compared to its counterpart lightroom, this statement holds true (LightZone Released: 2005 Lightroom: 2007). Masking exists in this program but in a nodal format instead of brushes. The ease of freely arrange the adjustments in the sidebar gives the user more room to experiment with the order of precedence for the effects to take place.


A fairly easy transition for iPhoto users who want to transition to Linux

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For those of you who are trying to find a way to say goodbye to iPhoto, Lightzone has a good intuitive-enough workflow for adjusting and editing your photos. It will not do the intake step - for that, I use Shotwell, which has a better UI and is less flakey than F-Spot, which was good for its time, but not up to the task now. I also tried to use Darktable — as much as I might like its interface, its workflow was good for editing, but to export a photo took standing on my head.