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Ease of use, ability to open other formats.


Can be used as an Evernote alternative!

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There are many different use cases for Evernote. I think Evernote's security practices are awful (no encryption, even at rest... multiple hacks, security breaches and data loss incidents...) and their privacy policy decisions have been appalingly bad. So I've been looking around for an alternative. Finally, starting from Libre Office 5.3 the major feature I wanted has arrived: embeding of .pdf files. You can now drag-and-drop a .pdf file and it will live in the .odt document. Which means I can treat each Libre Office file as a separate Evernote note replacement. And I can search through the whole bunch of them on Linux using, e.g. with Catfish, which will scan the text in the documents too. Brilliant!


Still, i don't really see as something serious. The only serious behind it is that it is free. Hence why I use it. But. It's still very buggy, it still has poor misaligned messy UI where ribbon won't help because made the same poor way, it's still unreliable, something hanging out of nowhere, sometimes hogging CPU out of nowhere. Functionally-wise Calc and Writer are still long behind Excel. Localizations aren't great either.

Of course it's frustrating when Libre hangs. Although I have to say that I've seen that much less from Libre both than in previous versions and from Office 365 which, even the very newest version. I found that enormously frustrating: MS Office 365 not only costs a lot of money, it's made by one of the richest corporations and it often crashes on Windows, which is made by the same company. That's a disgrace. Which leaves us in a world where almost all office suites might crash, and Libre and MS Office both do. So I take Libre because I agree with the philosophy, I've seen a lot of improvement and I've experienced less of the crashing than in the past. As for the ribbon: I don't use it. The functionality of Calc vs Excel? Sure... Excel is ahead. Whether that's a deal-breaker depends on your needs. I don't have anything that Excel can do and Libre can't, but I completely agree that others might.

Writer is Outstanding, everything else is on par with MSOffice

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The title says it all. Writer is an outstanding word processor, and there are a myriad of applications for the price of 0.

There is:

You only get Microsoft's Writer, Calc and Impress equivalents for £79.99! And all of this costs 0. It works no problem on my windows machine, so it is absolutely outstanding for windows users.


Until someone sends me a .docx file with an .eps image embedded. It opens the document, but shows only a blank square where the image should be. Otherwise a great product, and as my needs are quite specific, I hope others will realise that Libre Office can replace Microsoft Office in 90% of cases and save (especially public institutions) a ton of money.

Its time for a change, a suitable one

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If you still have doubts about replacing the traditional Microsoft Office suite with this marvel, just notice that it's number of "Likes" triples those of the traditional suite.

Do yourself a favor, forget about Microsoft Office, etc.


works BUT can not manage -Recent Files-

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Only with the History Master addon from Open Office!

The program is listing every files that were used on the machine.

It should be a basic function...


As of now, there is a function to clear recent files.

I used HistoryMaster for this. I'll check it, thanks.

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Decent Shet!

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It's free, libre, modular, customizable and powerfull. Can be slow and buggy sometimes, but it's getting better with every patch


Slow and antiquated piece of kluge

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I wanted the Writer so as to use a spell checker for a more obscure language to which, it seems, Libre Office offered support.
First I see (and search other's feedback on this) that I must download the whole bundle of things I'll never use. Ok, I do that.
Then I install the program and observe how there is no option whatsoever to not install all the other parts of the kluge. Can't do that. Ok, let's go on and install more useless crap on our machines. It's just like the 90s (of which the interfact seems very attached to).
Finally, when I wanted to install the add-on for spell checking that language, Libre Office takes me through a guilt trip as if I was opening a JAVA page for nuclear launches: window after window of confirmations and warnings. But did it work? No. It didn't. Something – don't ask me what, the program froze for half an hour for a mere few megs of the add-on – wasn't quite what Libre Office wanted and only a force Ctrl+Alt+Del of Libre Office managed to bring the machine back to a functional state.
Uninstalled it the next minute, good riddance.


If you're not smart enough to solve your own problems you can pay micro$oft to do it for you :)

I love competition

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I so wish something would dethrone the reining king of Office suites, MS Office 2010. It needs to get some major loss in market shares to actually create innovation instead of the cycle of patching UI re-releases.

I'll applaud it with all my vigour to see alternatives such as LibreOffice, Google Docs, KOffice & Kingsoft Office. Microsoft Office, while decent & has held back office suites by culling the competition through strong arming the business world into using it. LibreOffice is still in its infancy but with updates such as 3.5.0 we can see that given time they'll become worthy of standing up to the doom fortress Microsoft has carved over the years.

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It's extremely slow, in "Impress" there is a several second delay when selecting text or moving anything around, and it's extremely unstable, usually less than a minute until it crashes or locks up.


It works fine for me, maybe you're trying to run it on a potato