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I like this app but I can't use it. Every-time I get a database made and am using it I open it and it wants me to recover the database because something went wrong. I have made at least fifteen databases with it and it has happened to all them. Too bad too because when it works it works really good and it is fairly easy to use,.


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Works with PostgreSQL, making it quite a robust prototyping tool for data apps. A little rough around it’s corners, but still a lot of value.


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it does not support .MDB filetype. Base will crash if you try to open one. .MDB stands for Microsoft DataBase, wich is for Microsoft Office 2004-2007, on MS office 2010 they changed it.
So make sure to use any MS office product to change the file from .MDB to any other more recent filetype or you won't be able to open your database.