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Amazing app. Saves you so much hassle when looking for a movie/series! Keep it up guys!

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While Leonflix has similar functionality to Netflix it is by far any comparison to that of Netflix. It more aligned with Showbox, Terrarian TV and the like. It fall short with TV shows . The application is similar to how Kodi scrapes sources but with TV shows it tend to not find relevant sources. When i choose to watch The Walking Dead, after viewing most of Season 1, the app failed to find sources for any other season. Bummer, this app I thought was going to be the best APP i reviewed but definitely falls short. Movies seem to work fine for the most part but, thee must be a problem with how this app scrapes sources. On a scale of 1 to 10 I would give this app a 3. It needs more work therefore I could not recommend this app.



I think that the main point of this app is for those who either don't have netflix (as it is a paid service) or (in my case) whenever something is not on netflix (because netflix Canada is sh*tty), instead of having to go look for sources myself and try to find torrents or streaming services and risk getting a virus, and have to deal with 5 popups per second, I just search in Leonflix and it does the rest like magic! :)