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Codeless Test Automation by Leapwork allows easy drag and drop creation of testflows without any coding knowledge, a business analyst can easily create a testflow with the super easy to use "drag n drop" Leapwork Studio (works like MS Visio) , which has test and graphic recoginition built in as well as Selenium.The Leapwork scheduler triggers agents to run the flow, and the Studio is the dashboard which shows the test flow author, in real time, how the test flow went, with extensive logging data and great export capabilities of results. Can also be used to trigger and report on other test frameworks. Nothing like Leapwork in the test world. A "no brainer" for companies big or small, any Leapwork subscriber will reduce test costs by 90% and increase test coverage 10X easily, without needing to use expensive test engineers for UI Testing (CX "Customer experience centric testing), and also server or system wide testing (load, performance, etc..). Leapwork Studio is free so anyone (read lots of people) can author the test flows, subscribers pay for Leapwork Agents to execute the testflows, and the Scheduler to manage the Agent execution of authored test flows and to take the results of those test flows and publish them back to the Leapwork Studio which is also the real time dashboard showing how the test flow did. You can build up flows incrementally and in real time see how your doing til you get the test flow right. Nice!!

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[Edited by robertreive, April 08]