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Lean Testing Reviews

Awesome bug tracker!!

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Lean Testing is the most awesome bug tracker I have tried yet. It is really easy to use, and great for teams with members who live far away.

Thanks to the Lean Testing team for always listening and answering to my comments!


Greatest free bug tracker and test management tool out there!

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If you aren’t ready to pay a lot of money for a very complicated test management tool, try Lean Testing! It is really easy to use, and doesn’t need weeks to implement.

We started using Lean Testing because it was free, and we quickly got hooked. It is so easy to use and has helped us get more of our team involved in testing. You don’t need to be a professional tester to participate in the testing process, and our products have become much better as a result!

Also, their standardized bug reporting methodology has forced our testers to be rigorous when filing their bug reports, which really helps the developers understand and fix bugs much faster!


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Great platform, very helpful for me.


Most user-friendly bug tracker!

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Lean Testing is really the most user-friendly bug tracker I have ever used. My previous company used JIRA, and it was so complicated to understand and keep up with. With Lean Testing, everything is so easy to work with that I barely needed any time to get used to it! I was able to start logging bugs and communicating as soon as I joined my new team.

And what is great is that they take your suggestions seriously, and even fix many of them. I think this is a product which is still growing, but has the potential to be really big!


I completely agree! After having user several more complicated bug trackers like JIRA, Lean Testing is a welcome break! It is so easy to get into and understand, and our whole team accepted it right away!

Now, it feels like we've been using it all along!

Keep up the good work! I hear that more updates are coming, can't wait!

Lean Testing: A Really Great Bug Tracker!

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Our company has been using Damn Bugs (Lean Testing's ancestor) for a while, and we love the changes to Lean Testing!

Lean Testing is not only a simple bug tracker, but it helps you create and manage test plans as well. We can now organize our entire testing process in one software.

It is really easy to use, and we were able to get our entire team on board, even those who are not professional testers. Our project managers are able to get insights into how a project is evolving through the easy to understand graphs at the top of each project: everyone is happy!

Finally, we love the new Slack integration! We use Slack to communicate as a team, and the integration helps us move through both programs much easier!

I would definitely recommend Lean Testing as a Bug Tracker, and Test Plan Management Tool, and I think the rest of my team would agree as well!