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Good but no readability score

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I went to the website and pasted a long document into the box. I click the fullscreen button. Here's what I found:


  • It lets you choose different English word lists, not just US/UK which is good for me as a Canadian.
  • Highlights double words.
  • Makes good suggestions of confused words and phrases.
  • Spell checking works great.
  • Checks for pronoun/verb matching. (If anyone plan the party...)
  • Checks for tense matching. (I will have go to the store.)
  • Works straight from the website.
  • Browser plugins, if that's what you want. Offline plugins and standalone application.


  • You have to press 'check text,' it doesn't automatically update when you change.
  • Many false positives. (Don’t let anyone plan your party.)
  • No WYSIWYG interface or formatting.
  • No readability rating at all.

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Private + open source + free to run your own instance? That's amazing.


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Tried a number of others and LanguageTool was the only checker that did not mess with the underlying HTML in the document. I often need to switch between the WYSIWYG and the HTML view when editing website content. Other grammar checkers would mess with the content and even break it.


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NOT for the Mac. Only web browsers. Fake category listing.


Technically, unless you're using your Mac offline, it DOES work for the Mac. Unless you are trying to use a website offline, I suppose...
It says RIGHT IN THE DESCRIPTION: Free proofreading tool for OpenOffice, LibreOffice, Firefox, and Chrome. If you're going to pick at EVERY piece of software that won't install on your Mac, you might as well give up reviews here.

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