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Good but no readability score

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I went to the website and pasted a long document into the box. I click the fullscreen button. Here's what I found:


  • It lets you choose different English word lists, not just US/UK which is good for me as a Canadian.
  • Highlights double words.
  • Makes good suggestions of confused words and phrases.
  • Spell checking works great.
  • Checks for pronoun/verb matching. (If anyone plan the party...)
  • Checks for tense matching. (I will have go to the store.)
  • Works straight from the website.
  • Browser plugins, if that's what you want. Offline plugins and standalone application.


  • You have to press 'check text,' it doesn't automatically update when you change.
  • Many false positives. (Don’t let anyone plan your party.)
  • No WYSIWYG interface or formatting.
  • No readability rating at all.
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NOT for the Mac. Only web browsers. Fake category listing.

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Private + open source + free to run your own instance? That's amazing.