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Awesome for salesmen.

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Much, much less awesome for the poor plonker who's left to grapple with this nightmare of inter-connected spaghetti where you can drill down for miles, and at every stage have less and less clue as to what's going on. An invaluable tool for making any project deliverable 10 tmes later or 1/10 of it's projected quality.

Sadly, this crap is now a de-facto industry standard. Blame the salesmen.


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I tend to agree with the other reviewer here. I have been dealing with, and mostly avoiding, LabVIEW for well over a decade. It does indeed function as it should, but is a real pain to use. It has gained traction since a working system looks pretty (hence the system is easy to sell), and is very popular among industry test-labs and academic lab environments, where folks don't want to write their own code to control hardware and display and/or archive data.
I think it is a pretty good tool for the academic lab environment, since you can setup hardware, graphics, and archival stuff and get to work quickly. Less so for the industrial environment, since they need really stable custom code for manufacturing support.....unfortunately that is where it has real history and the advocates are dug in. I support it just because I have to, but I don't like it.