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Comodo is a great app, I recommend it for HTML edi...

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Komodo is a great app, I recommend it for HTML editing


One of the best free Editor / IDE

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I consider Komodo Edit as one of the best editor / IDE currently free .
although SublimeText2 ( and Atom team github will soon be finalized ) is great , if you still want to have a minimum of graphical management for simple tasks without having to go to a json configuration file , Komodo Edit is one of the best alternative for PHP development, but also many other languages ??.
Komodo Edit Free edition is found between the editor and the IDE :

  • FTP Management
  • Smart Autocompletion fast code (php , jquery, javascript etc ...)
  • Support almost all kinds of languages ??codes
  • Snipetts and simple to create Macro and set aside
  • Emmet plugin supported and many others.
    I love this Publisher half an IDE even in its free version because it requires little resource, easy to configure, you can easily integrate bookstores autocomplete and new code templates.
    One of the best alternatives in terms of little consomation resource if you 're tired of the big Eclipse IDE .

Great Editor

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I have 5 text editors on my computer: 1. Coda; 2. Komodo Edit; 3. Espresso 2; 4. Dreamweaver; 5. TextMate. I use them all for various things (i.e. - FTP in Coda; CSS stylesheets in Espresso 2; proofreading in Dreamweaver, etc), but I find myself using Komodo Edit more than any of the others, especially lately. It is such an amazing editor, and I can't believe it is free. I downloaded some of the other free editors (Aptana, TextWrangler, etc) and I removed them from my computer shortly thereafter. I found them to be slow and cumbersome, not to mention incredibly buggy. The best combination on Earth is to use Komodo Edit in conjunction with Firebug. That is what I use 95% of the time because there is no environment for developing that can top that combo - just incredible. Komodo Edit is a highly underrated editor. I've used just about all of them, and I'm also extremely picky. If you haven't tried Komodo Edit yet, I highly recommend you do so ASAP (especially in conjunction with Firebug).