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Terrible implementation

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Its 'watch' feature is implemented terrible (at least, on Windows). Instead of subscribing to directory change event, it's pulling files in infinite loop, causing locking issues under Windows. Under some conditions it can start fork bomb, when you put multiple files to watch in same directory - each file's watcher will race condition each other and spawn large amount on node.exe instaces (when you use external compiler. with internal - it will spawn multiple alert messages and won't work either).
So, I cannot recommend it. At least, under Windows. You can easily make your system hang due to fork bomb.


I haven't run into this issue.

One thing that isn't mentioned is that this tool can concatenate JS files, it does it a different way.
See - https://github.com/oklai/koala/wiki/JS-CSS-minify-and-combine

Wish I had known that earlier, I had been doing it manually before, but nice to see they cant get us there without downloading hundreds of MB of nodeJS stuff, I dont want all that crap in my htdocs folder. Sure I can do it elsewhere, but then I have to manually copy crap over. Or waste time configuring gulp/grunt. Screw that, all I need is compression and concatenation and Koala does it easily :)