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Clearly mature !

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I have been using Known since a little more than a year as my main publishing tool to post to corporate silo networks and it's wonderful !

you can use Known to export/import your wordpress or blogger blog/site and just get it back into your Known site easy.
than if you self host, you're able to connect a bunch of social networks to it and push your pictures/posts/status/checkins to each of them while retaining the control & ownership of your data at home. you can either get this working on your own or by using the convoy plugin (paid).

with Known you can own your data, tie it to a secure certificate (letsencrypt) and be part of the open web and still maintain the ability to reach other audiences on the corporate web.

I honestly have been waiting to make use of the internet the way I describe above since it started for me in 98 and now in 2016 this is precisely what anyone can do !

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Incomplete installation instructions. It seems like known cannot correctly run when installed into a subdirectory (rewritebase modified). Never got it to run using a subdirectory.


According to the changelog this has been fixed