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Ok for a free product

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  • Hard to install on Windows, no standalone installer, depends on lots of KDE libraries.
  • Can't import multiple QIF files at a time, and
  • buggy file selector dialog locks up the program for several minutes??
  • You can assign categories to multiple transactions at a time! And type a partial name and it finds the entire name! Yay!
  • Still requires a bunch of clicking to assign a category, though.
  • Better than GnuCash or HomeBank

This comment is out of date. Installing on windows (7) is easy.

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Excellent little software, the management & auto creation of payees makes it perfect to import all your life personal transactions from your Bank's csv.
It supports all kinds of accounts for your personal investments, loans, liabilities, credit cards, actions...
The import module is very basic, and limits to transactions. But since it can use MySQL back end, you can also use direct DB access.
Interface is beautiful and intuitive.
There's a lot of available reports, but you can create or customize your owns. The generated charts can be customized as well. Reports can be exported to CSV, and for charts the best is to take a screen shot when you're satisfied with the look & feel.

Features I love:

  • Automatic search patterns to link new imported transactions to the right Payee. It's based on REGEX, so you can ensure proper automatic matching.
  • Split legs management
  • Nice intuitive interface based on QT5
  • Easy search & selection in most fields
  • Configurable home dashboard
  • Supports PGP encryption (GnuPG) for files & SQLCipher DB for encryption if using SQLite.
  • Active open source project

Features to be improved:

  • Import modules, especially for Payees & payees accounts and tags
  • We have to choose between account or description for the payee auto creations.
  • MySQL support is working, but it's like it's rewriting a lot on exit/save and can be very slow. The use of the SQL DB should probably be re-engineered to ensure simultaneous multi-user with more than a million transaction.

GnuCash is much more complete, but this come with a steeper learning curve and less intuitive interface.

So if you just want to track & report your spending for car, holidays, investments, loans & other tracks & reports, and have less than 100000 transactions to manage, KMyMoney is an excellent choice, especially if you'd like your partner to have an easy access & use of it.

Tip: Make sure to use the latest version, since several bugs are being fixed in V5. Version at the time of this writing is 5.0.7.


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Easy to use. High quality software.