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This is my go to launcher on Android.


  • lightweight(uses about a MB of storage and 30-65MB of RAM)

-clean (this is subjective, I love having almost nothing on my home screen, see here: )

-extensible (now has support for ONE widget, gestures, transparency effects, and icon themes)

-fast(Literally the more you use it, the better it becomes. You can set up your history to populate by usage, and the most recent selections will occur.


  • I would like for there to be an export settings function, it's very useful between flashing ROMs and device resets, helps me get back to speed faster.

-I also can't get rid of that little circle that indicates the typing prompt. I get why it still remains, but I'd rather it come in with the 'tap to show history' gesture. Perhaps a future option?

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This Launcher is very simple and its

  • Able to hibernate apps
  • Lightweight (200kb)
  • Only list view available

it has weakness like :

  • cant view apps on grid view
  • Widget not supported

so i will just give 3 stars



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Very simple, light and easy to use ! And it's a free software :)