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Amazon Kindle Reviews

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Kindle is the best e-reader I've ever used. The e-ink tech makes it easy to read.


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As OBloodyHell commented:

"Can I use these "alternatives" to READ BOOKS DOWNLOADED VIA KINDLE?


Then they are not alternatives to kindle!! >:-/

At the very least, "reads kindle format naively" should be THE FIRST DETAIL SHOWN."

Very true.

If you can't read kindle books on it, then it is not an alternative to Kindle, is it? Others have suggested not buying books from Amazon to read on Amazon Kindle. What about all of the books you have already bought from Amazon that are now in your library on Kindle. How are you supposed to read those when Kindle has deemed your device incompatible (they recently made my android phone incompatible with their Kindle app. I have scores of books I've accumulated over the years and cannot access without Kindle). Amazon are making an ever-increasing number of devices incompatible with their Kindle app (when you contact them to enquire or complain they try to sell you one of their own devices - I think it's not going to be too long before Kindle can only be accessed by Amazon Kindle devices).

I was hoping to find an alternative to Kindle on this 'Alternative To' site, but it did not offer a single suggestion. The page should have been called 'List Of 'Ebook Readers'. To call it 'Alternatives To Kindle' was a misleading and untrue title.


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So many books are available for Kindle.