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My boss wanted to increase profits and productivity at our company. As the head of HR department, I understand that the main resource is our staff. So, I got at once that we needed an app allowing to watch how the personnel works. We tried several ones but no success. Some had a complex interface and it took a lot of time to get used to it. Others didn’t have the functions we needed. They were more like time tracking apps having only actions logging and screen sharing. I won’t name these apps as for business ethics.

Kickidler became our solution. It has an understandable interface with multifunctions. It has all the necessary instruments for total control. It’s very easy to use. What’s more, I could fix the working hours for staff. We defined the tasks and, yes, I gave them 30 minutes a day for social media and doing some of their personal staff or just relaxing and surfing on the net. People are not robots, they still need some time to relax and have fun. I’ve read HR analytics and it was said that such things really help. Anyway, thanks kickidler for a great and helpful app. Recommend to everyone.