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Easy to Use

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This software was surely developed with the non-techies, such as myself, in mind. I would recommend this software to anyone who uses computers.


A very great tool to make life easier

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The best thing about keystarter is that the the common function that i use generally like the copy , cut , paste etc , can be replaced with a macro button instead of doing a ctrl+c , ctrl+v every time i'm copying something . The virtual keyboard and the 3d buttons makes them more awesome and adds to the features .

Can you explain to us how to do that step by step?
But for me, using ctl+c or v or x than put it in macro lol
Just my opinion tho :p

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it very simple, for example you can make a button icon, then write a script (send ^c) in the command editor, if you push the button on the screen with your mouse or touch device, it will direct execute the code. (the pros are : [1 you do not need to remember all the keystroke combinations in any app] [2 you do not need to move your hands every time on the keyboard by pressing ctrl key and then c key] ) you can stay your hand always on the mouse.


Makes tedious tasks easier

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You can really achieve what you want with regards to repetitive tasks. Automating any action is a breeze.