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Fast, no frills "Alfred" style launcher for Windows. Definitely recommended!


Best keyboard launcher for Windows. Period.

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It's been years since I started looking for a great, active and customizable keyboard launcher for Windows.
None does it as good as Keypirinha. Just try it.


Opens fast, loads suggestions ...

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Opens fast, loads suggestions fast, responses to clicks are fast. This pirinha accelerated my whole day. Despite from that it looks nice and clean, is well documented, maintained and in a stable state. The configuration thing is confusing at first but I like the concept and got used to it.

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Keypirinha is amazing!!!

It's definitely the best launcher right now - yet, somehow, the developer has chosen to override the default space key..


Seriously a deal-breaking "feature"; that one dumb feature ruins the entire software.

Is this still the case?

The changelog says it fixed it in 2.5.3 back in April [0], by introducing a new setting space_as_tab [1].

But your comment is more recent, and makes me worry.


I confirm the space_as_tab setting has been implemented for that purpose in v2.5.3, back in April.
It is enabled by default to stick to the behavior of the previous versions, but it can be disabled anytime.
Thanks for the feedback!

Can also confirm that the space+tab functionality is now supported.
I actually just started using it this week and it's been life-changing :)

My only gripe now is that "search term" sometimes doesn't return the same results as "searchterm" (especially with the later being more accurate).
However, with that said, this application is totally worth using regardless.


If u like SublimeText u love Keypirinha!!

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Keypirinha is amazing!!!

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Fast and nice. Hope more plugin will be developped (i plan to make some). I dont use the windows menu anymore. I do everything from keypirinha.

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Very useful, but difficult in the beginning.