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KeyNote NF Reviews

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I've used KEYNOTE for more than 8 years. Great outliner software. stable and 100% free. Some issues on slow response when you paste a large text and content into a new note.


clean fast way to store, order, retrieve any information you can convert into words

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this is the most important program on my computer.
totally dependent on it.
been using it for over 10 years when it was just keynote.
this is the reason i don't consider switching over to any other operating system besides windows.
it does run decently in linux using wine.
my dream is to have this program availabe on my android smartphone.
or an android tablet.
i just want this program with me wherever i am.
yes, i have tried over 20 other program of this nature.
but i can't find any to rival it.
the most intriguing but far more cumbersome program is PersonalBrain.
personalbrain allows me to store my info in a more nonlinear fashion.
but the interface isn't as fast and obvious as keynote.
love this program.


The byte-for-byte tree outliner champion

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In short, KeyNote NF is the best, most full-featured tree outliner software that is portable, less than a 5 MB download, and consumes less than 5 MB of memory.


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Even in 2020 I am still using KeyNote NF. It is the fastest way to set up tree notes. Very intuitive way of adding child & sibling notes. I like the quick link to open a website & image links.. Search the entire set of multiple pages like a data base, means I can throw all sorts of notes & links in any page & find it again months later, effortlessly. A bit dated .. but was way ahead of its time & still very useful.


It's awesome!

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Disclaimer: I only use Keynote to take basic text notes and I haven't tried any other note-taking software. With that said, Keynote NF fully satisfies my note-taking needs so I don't think I'll have to install any others.


  • The tree view is very useful
  • The mirror nodes are a great feature


  • Default keyboard shortcuts are unusual (I think even Ctrl-Z was not set to undo by default)
  • Customizing shortcuts is a pain: you have to find the actual name of the command to execute from a HUGE list on a tiny window with no search functionality other than typing the first letter of what you think a command is probably named (also, the commands aren't even alphabetically organized)

Other than that one complaint about shortcuts, it's very cool and I would definitely recommend it!