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Mostly useless

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It is a nice novelty but I found that if I set it up to recognize my face at home, it would not recognize my face if I was anywhere other than at home. So it would never work for me when I was at the office or at a coffeeshop or anything. I tried setting my face recognition at work, at home, etc.. numerous times and every time I found that it would then only recognize my face when I was where I had set it... It is not recognizing the difference between my face and the background setting. Thus making it rather useless to me so I removed it.


It seems quite sensitive to light conditions, and you need to train multiple face models to overcome this (i.e. one at your office, one at your coffee shop, one during day time, one during night, etc;)! Not sure if this is a legitimate issue with face recognition or a ruse to get us to upgrade from the free one to the paid ones :-) The free one works fine for me (as long as I login from the same location + same time of the day / lighting conditions, of course).