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Magical Jelly Bean Keyfinder Reviews

Now includes malware

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To build on em4020's review, this program no longer includes TuneUp-Utilities and instead now installs Search Protect, which is a malware. Including such an option, especially set to install by default, is a terrible practice.


TXT-file with all MS-product-keys and product-ID's

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If you install the free version of Magical Jelly Bean Keyfinder on Drive C (not portable version) the installing procedure can install automatically TuneUp-Utilities, if you do not change the preselected installation-mode.

The application is very useful. I like, that it produces a txt-file with all detailed product-keys and product-ID's of your installed Microsoft products with only one click.

In the "user defined installation"-mode you can unselect the installation of TuneUp-Utilities. In my opinion the "Express installation with TuneUp-Utilities" should not be preselected, but "Installation without TuneUp-Utilities". So it would be better.

A portable alternative is Get my Keys Back, but it does not make a file with the data.

It only shows the product keys, not the product-ID, and you only can copy it to the clipboard.