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Has some more advanced features, like remapping key only on certain applications.


Finally :)

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I was looking for a simple app to remap my keyboard for some videogames that doesn't allow players to change keyboard keys ... -.-" OMG

So i tryed SharpKeys, KeyTweak, Xpadder, AntiMicro and only SharpKeys & KeyTweak can remap keys on the keyboard, Xpadder, AntiMicro are only for gamepads.

But problem is, **with SharpKeys & KeyTweak, each time you change one or many key mapping, you need to restart -.-" This is really a pain in the a when you just want to play a game for an hour and dont want to change key mapping, restart, enjoy playing finally, then change key mapping again, restart again to re-apply your original mapping...

Key Remapper does the job great : less than 3mb on the disk, simple to use and the biggest thing : it does not need the user to restart computer to enable key remapping.

Here in few clicks you define mapping and bam, it's applyed ! you dont want them anymore ? bam they are gone ! :D