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Good, intuitive, easy to set-up and it just works, but:

  • has no mouse advanced remapping like freeware X-Mouse Button Control (which is specific, and of course more advanced but I still think for its price something like this should be included)
  • VERY expensive. At the same price you can buy for example a full featured professional photo editing program like Affinity Photo… Half the price would be much more reasonable for home users

ATNSOFT - Unbeatable in its simplicity and amazing flexible customization

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I have done a fair bit of poking around looking for the ultimate software for key remapping and in ATNSOFT Key Manager i have found it and much more. Where it excels is two fold. I used use "Razer Synapse" with my Razer keyboard but while it looked pretty i found the macro recording very clunky and tiresome, so i decided to see if there was any 3rd party software out there to take over. Key Manager is super intuitive and i had zero trouble using it and within 20 seconds i was aware of what it could do, how to do it without fuss. so besides remapping a key it can assign 11 different function to any given key on your keyboard. It separates into a key sequence, key blocking, text typing, paste whatever is saved, launch any program or folder on your pc, open a webpage of your choosing, start an email and a range of windows commands.

But the best is yet to come, i have now streamlined my PC navigation/use with Key Manager final and best feature in making your own popup menu. The possibilitys are endless and i now have a key remapped ( for me middle mouse button) that when hit presents a menu of anything i could possibly need, from programs to windows files or folders. With this i have an amazingly accessible menu at my fingertips that allow me to open the web browser, open word document, 3 different ones for various windows folders. Essentially has revolutionized my desktop navigation nd made it amazingly fast. Also my mother is not quite as adept with computers but now with a pop-up menu i tailored for her she can now access all the functions she needs and even access a document I've set up with various bits of info of relevance. So whether your a heavy PC user or a casual browser, Key Manager is the answer to a streamlined satisfying computer use experience.

Hey if your a sceptic, go to their website and try the demo version for free and get hooked on this amazing piece of software, check it out!

Try the demo now!

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ATNSoft Key Manager -- Like Karabiner for Windows!

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When I am using my Mac, I rely on Karabiner remapping software. When I am using my Windows machine, I turn to ATNSoft Key Manager. It provides the best blend of power with ease of use for keyboard remapping on the Windows platform.

AutoHotKey is arguably the most powerful key remapping software for Windows, but it has a somewhat steep learning curve.

With ATNSoft Key Manager, I was able to remap my V60 keyboard to a HHKB layout within minutes. This included creating a Fn key and including key combinations. Moreover, I could switch profiles without logging off or rebooting, and unlike many other key remapping software, Key Manager does not make changes to the Window Registry.

Highly recommended!



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I suggested they put there program up on this site and I got a 30% discount!
The main reason i got this instead of many other remappers is it does not require a reset so you can switch quickly between setting.
They have a trial version and a free play version if you cant pay but if you can and are looking for a tool like this. this is the one to get!


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It's bugging all the time.