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Seems promising with a decent UI, but requires an instance per camera, and is difficult to set up. Documentation is available, but lacks detail.

Chews up disk space incredibly fast, and seems to be generally unstable.

Could be a decent contender with a bit more time and care taken in development and documentation.

You can get manage multiple cameras from one location, as well as get object classification (person, car, etc) with a paid account. I did not purchase these features.


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Great solution, easy to install to a Raspberry Pi or as a docker container to any hardware. You can run multiple containers on a device, to process multiple cameras. It also supports tools such as Balena.io.

The solution improved a lot over the years, and has a very nice UX. Recently Kerberos.io also announced it's enterprise version, which runs Kerberos.io inside a Kubernetes.

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