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Discontinued but future-proof

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I use this piece of software for my personal diary that I access only rarely.

Trumps Evernote with the hierarchical organization and the fact that there is no vendor lock-in. Other than that, it's unfair to compare the two since Keepnote is a very lightweight note app, and Evernote is a beast compared to that with all its features.

Unfortunately the app is discontinued for a long time, but I think the GUI will keep working for many, many years. And it's open source so there is a chance that someone will just fix it if there are any issues.

The notes are 100% future-proof since they are stored in simple XHTML markup files. Even if the Keepnote software stops working at some point, you will be able to read & copy any of your notes with a simple web browser - for decades.


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Awesome note app, especially for descriptions...too bad its not updated.


Its working!

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Whilst having received no changes, this application is actually a good notebook.
It works on modern OS flawlessly. There is indeed an issue with translation and also it tends to slow down, once note database grows or size of the note is large enough. However, it is stable, offers good hierarchy sorting and everything a note taking application needs.

Still, by modern standards, its is very limited and very probably needs to be rewritten with speed in mind. The interface is a take it or leave it - its a classic Word 95'ish one.


Still a Useful Option

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I don't think it's correct to mark this as "discontinued" - the program is still available in the app repositories of the various Linux distributions and it still functions well.

The comment in the previous review about limited hierarchy depth is also incorrect. KeepNote does support multiple sub-levels (although the buttons to create those are a bit confusing.) Nodes can also be re-arranged via dragging and dropping them.


in my opinion

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From website, development has stopped in 2012.

The interface is primary English. About 1-2 words are translated.

Supports only two level hierarchy, no subleafes on tree.

No tags.

A bit ugly.

My Tetra is my current favorite, this notebook is really underdeveloped.