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The BEST password manager available for desktops/laptops.

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Unless you're a Mac user, the venerable and feature-rich Keepass (the original) will run well for you (Linux and Windows), and can easily be transformed into a Lastpass-killer when you pair it up with Keefox for browser integration. As long as you securely sync your database (e.g. with Tresorit, Spideroak or Cryptomator involved), you have a huge security/privacy advantage over commercial products like Lastpass, 1Password, Roboform, Keeper and Dashlane. And that's because if you use Tresorit, Spideroak or Cryptomator, the company you host the file with won't even know they are syncing it for you, cannot lose it through a hack (or it won't matter if they do), and can't be subpoenad to give it away to law enforcement.

But two problems might come up with the otherwise excellent Keepass/Keefox setup:

  1. Keepass doesn't run natively on Mac. Its database format is compatible with native Mac apps like KeepassX, KeeWeb and MacPass. But these don't have browser integration. Not very convenient.

  2. If you use Firefox as your browser - and it's still the best/most privacy-oriented browser out there (if you configure it right) - your Keefox extension might soon stop working because the way Mozilla plan on implementing browser extensions.

KeepassXC (this thing) solves this problem. Firstly, it runs the same on Windows, Mac and Linux. Secondly, it is compatible 100% with databases used by Keepass, KeepassX, MacPass and Keeweb. And, crucially, it has browser integration through two browser addons: Passifox (for Firefox) and ChromeIPass for Chrome/Chromium (but it works with much more private browsers, like Vivaldi, Iridium and Ungoogled Chromium.

KeepassXC is, at the time of writing (5th March 2017), the best cross-platform password manager I know. It's free, stores your data locally (or leaves the choice up to you how to sync it) and has browser integration. Also, because it's open source, it is to be trusted much more than other recent efforts like Enpass, whose creators stubbornly refuse to admit that they could open source their project and still have an income from their product. (Also, Enpass doesn't support the use of keyfiles and their database isn't compatible with other programs.)

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Excellent review! I have really started to appreciate KeePassXC and may gradually move to replace Lastpass entirely. Thanks also for the other projects you mentioned.

Original KeePass is still better for managing the database itself since it actually allows to rearrange groups and entries by moving them up and down, moving selected entries among groups etc. Such functionality isn't simply in KeePassXC as of the moment of writing. KeePass also supports plugins that may come in handy for someone. But other than that there is no reason not to prefer KeepPassXC over KeePass. And you can always use XC for everyday use and original KeePass for maintaining your database.

John's Passifox link produces a 404. Please replace with the following:-

PassIFox & ChromeIPass Alternatives and Similar Software -
Small PassIFox & ChromeIPass iconPassIFox & ChromeIPass

Otherwise, another totally superb review from John Fastman!

@murlakatamenka: Strange, I just tried this myself in KeepassXC, and I can move groups up and down to reorder them. Entries not, but you can order them in various ways and there's an instant search function which is very snappy.

@Natterjack565: Thanks for letting me know about the 404. Now fixed.

Great review John, thank you.
Passifox is not supported by Firefox Quantum. A working alternative is KeePassHttp-Connector.
For mac users, MacPass now offers a MacPassHTTP plugin that works with Firefox's KeePassHttp-Connector add-on.

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Excellent GUI, OS integration, stable and safe. Multiplatform: Android, Linux, Windows...

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Great and libre tool for storing passwords. I am using a looot of passwords and KeePassXC stores them all safely.

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Highly recommended. Opensource, Portable, Browser integration.

Paired with KeePass2Android this is one great password manager.

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Modern-looking fork of KeePass. Pretty much no disadvantages in moving to XC