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holy cow!

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There is a MS Windows clone called WinDirStat. Yes, that one is the clone. KDirStat is the original.


windirstat is just a copy of THIS program!

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For years I dreamed of finding a similar alternative in linux to the well-known windirstat (for windows) since the two alternatives offered in most distributions, baobab and filelight, display the space taken up by files and folders on concentric circles rather than by rectangles. This has the limitation that when big files are nested deeply or shallowly in folders it makes them difficult to compare, find, etc. Imagine my surprise when I discovered that windirstat got it's concept and even its name from this program! I can't believe it's not the program of choice among distributions.

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It's not the program of choice because it is slow.
Directory Report is faster

Um, hello, Directory Report is for windows, not linux. And yes, Kdirstat is fast.

finally, a good alternative for linux now that this has been discontinued: gdmap is fast and excellent! Baobab did include treemaps, now but they are still a bit cumbersome.