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I'm coming from PowerDirector and Filmora which have only trial, I really like Kdenlive and the tools it has to offer.

  • It works fine on my windows 10 64 bit, i3-4005u (!), SSD and 8GB ram (except for when I use a heavy effects like 'Region', see note about proxy files below)
  • It has the basic features like transition, basic effects, cutting video and audio
  • What it does it does good, you can customize the parameters of almost every feature you have
  • It renders properly


  • The interface isn't that intuitive, it would take you a lot of time to do your first project and figure out how to operate this software
  • It's built for a multi camera shoot, so if you're just trying to combine a few videos together with transitions between them it'll complicate things a little bit
  • The transitions don't have a preview, so you need to apply them and check them on your own (and if your computer is slow it's a big drawback), but there's a video on YouTube that shows you that
  • There's no built feature to add text, you need to create a transparent image (png etc.) and add it to the video

Good to know:

  • If your computer isn't that powerful it's recommended to check the 'use proxy files' under 'project' >> 'project settings'.
  • From the transition it's mostly Wipe (with all of it's options), Slide, Fade and Region (if your computer is strong enough) that are useful for a YouTube video all others are all kinds of weird mathematical manipulation on the images (let me know if I left out any useful transition).
  • If your video is a transition oriented video make sure you do it right, putting the first video one track and the second video on another track so that they overlap a little and then add a transition

You can preview transitions as long as your 2 photos or videos are into a different track (see https://kdenlive.org/en/project/kdenlive-transitions/ ). Alas there is no import files with automatic random transition added with one click ala OpenShot.
And there is a "built feature to add text" (see "add title clip" where you add your project files).
See ya ;)

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Buggy on Windows 10, had to delete. Crashes constantly.

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Easy to use, fast, with features that matches most common needs.


Blender 3D

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Please don't forget Blender 3D!

Although the built-in NLE is not as advanced as Kdenlive at first sight. I can't find an open source NLE to match Kdenlive on Windows (I use Kdenlive all the time on my Linux machine), however Blender is available on the Windows platform.

Once you've got used to it, you can do almost anything that can be done in the top-end packages by getting your work flow in the right order. Blender has an amazing compositor too. Be prepared to use a lot of disk space during the edit as it is best to save each frame as an uncompressed, or lossless compressed file, this allows great freedom to work on sections of you're video.

It allows more choices (usually via ffmpeg, etc) of container / codec formats than most. It also supports a large range of resolutions and frame rates, including user defined ones.

On top of all that Blender 3D is a full featured 3D animation package!

So under Windows GIMP + Blender 3D.

Under Linux GIMP + Blender 3D -> Kdenlive (for final assembly and some FX/Transitions).

Oh and Audacity for sound fx, etc.

If I want 5.1 audio, I use Audacity to output the final audio file and stitch them together using ffmeg or a DVD Authoring package.


Best multicam editor

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I was looking for an affordable solution in order to synchronise two or more video tracks and one audio track recorded with a pro gear. I've tested many software and I've found that this synchronisation operation was the discriminant between pro and consumer software (understand cheap or rather expensive software) !
Now, with Kdenlive, synchronising all these tracks is a matter of selecting the audio track as reference and to sync the others according to the former : three clicks no more !
It's also very simple to show one or an another video track in the final movie according to the selected angle.
Best editor so far for me.

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Featured but unstable product, I can't even edit my project anymore.

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Good and open source but usually too much "invalid clip error". This program doesn't have much general codec support. you must first convert suported codec and after edit etc.

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awesome, powerful free software, great editing workflow

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The only software of this kind that actually works well.

(..I run Linux..)

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Best free (as freedom) editing software for GNU/linux users.

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GUI same to Adobe premiere and little bit hard for new users and windows version still beta and install hard not a exe I mean start and next next not like that.
I hope say what I mean.

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For Windows, don't go near this program until it's more stable. Doesn't accept some clip types. The import clip browser is a mess, and it will run background programs that will not close when you close the program, which also prevent you from deleting the folder. Reminds me of malware. It might be awesome for Linux or Mac, though.


Kdenlive is a part of the KDE® community programs and they focus only/more on GNU/Linux platform and it's a libre software by definition so you have to support them they only have limited resources .
You can contribute or donate to that project to get bigger.

To be sure that everything from Kdenlive is closed, you can use this trick https://forum.kde.org/viewtopic.php?f=265&t=142662

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buggy on windows 10


Never saw it

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I used Openshot for over half a year. I got tried of it's bugs and crashes.** Why didn't i see this earlier ???** This is so much more awesome and I worked on it for over 2 hours, and it didn't crash or lag even once.
Totally recommend it :)


Have tried KdenLive numerous times over a period of about 12 years and never liked it actually. Decided to give the new version another try and ... YES!
Finally the developers made great progress concerning stability, fairly logic gui/workflow and flexibility.
Meanwhile OpenShot has made great progress as well. Don't know what Linux distribution you're using, maybe it's repositories only support a older version of OpenShot. Recent versions work fine. So at last we have at least 2 pretty useful applications for simple video editing.