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KDE vs. Cinnamon

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I tried first time Linux a year ago.
My first Linux (except of Android) was Ubuntu with Unity, I think this was v. 14...
Yeah, my first Desktop Environment was been Unity... I removed Ubuntu on the same day. :D

Than I tried a Debian just servers for a long time.
The time Linux Mint 17.02 was been released I tried my second Desktop Environment (Cinnamon). Cinnamon looks very nice, it really is easier for ex-win users. But Cinnamon used 15% of my CPU and in addition it was really buggy.( I mean it crashes for me every 2h.)

Than I tried out MATE. I wonder it look's so strange like Win2 winNT (never tried on of these). But MATE is working very well, and it is stable.
Just I want something what isn't really hungry for resources AND looks good.

Yesterday I bump into KDE.
Installed the 300 MB on my Linux Mint 17.3 and "WOW". It do not look like a Tablet like Unity, don't overheat my CPU like Cinnamon and is looks modern.
I really want to know why you don't setup the feature for the Desktop Folder to default. Also why some windows looks the same like MATE.

Now my experience to these DE's.
Unity: This DE is for Tablet's and 100% not for PC (and totally not for a gaming computer)
MATE: Really powersaving, light DE, best for "Pentium 4".
Cinnamon: This DE is a developing, and I think it will take time until it is really stable.
KDE: It is really nice, but there is everywhere Add for KDE. I mean you just installed it and see everywhere a dammed letter "k". The most standart software is also different, you hasn't thunderbird like in every ether version of Linux Mint, no you have K-Mail.

Really recommend all of the desktop environments!
Choose yourself, support Freedom!

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Best Desktop Environment for Linux, full of features, incredible programs and the best graphical interface.

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I am in love with kde after at least 6 months now. Sleek, intuitive, customisation to the tiniest details, really well made apps such as dolphin and okular, seamless compatibility with gnome apps and integration with android devices including desktop notifications, sms, use device as touchpad/keyboard and 2 way file transfer over the network. The work that has gone into building an entire desktop environment ecosystem from the ground up is just so cohesive and awesome! Oh and I run it on a roughly 10 year (c2008) old laptop with all bells and whistles on and runs like a dream.

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It's a great, full-featured, customizable and really stable DE.


Best Desktop: KDE Plasma

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I agree. KDE Plasma desktop is by far the most advanced, most powerful and most flexible desktop ever created. Very modular and customizable so it works just the way you need it to work. Also it is very easy to change the look by using SVG vector graphics.

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