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Has some issues

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I've been using KatMouse on my home and work PCs for years, it's an essential comfort tool that I install very quickly on all of my pre-Windows 10 systems (Windows 10 fixes the issue that tools like KatMouse provide a workaround for).

However, over time, the number of applications where KatMouse simply wouldn't work has grown considerably. For many of those, none of the offered modes helped. There are other issues, too, for example the scrolling never seems to work if the current focus is on the Windows desktop.

I decided to give WizMouse a try, and have not noticed any of those issues there so far, so I've switched for the time being (even though WizMouse hasn't been updated in a while, too).

KatMouse would seem to be the better choice in many scenarios. For instance, it's very smart that the different workaround modes can be set by application or window type, unlike in WizMouse where it has to be turned on or off globally. But there are a few gaps in its application support that still made me go for the alternative for now.


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Does not suffer from WizMouse's bug of closing a reply in MS Outlook when the DEL key is pressed


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I've been using Katmouse for many years (since I experimented with linux & its mouse scrolling) & love it.

The reason why I'm posting is that I've found an app that does the same as Katmouse but it is never mentioned as a Katmouse alternative because it is focused as a 'Alt' key window mover (both originally being linux features) it is called 'KDE Mover-Sizer' ('KDE' is a linux desktop environment).

The app does not include its mouse wheel scrolling as a feature & I didnt even know about it though I've been using it for almost a year now (I have my taskbar on the top of the screen, linux style, & new windows often appear under the taskbar - this handy little app helps).

To enable:
right click on the SysTray icon > Special features > Enable Mousewheel Scrolling on inactive Windows.