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A very powerful and innovative editor.

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Many editors try to stuff as many functions in as they can. But they don’t care of giving things structure. And so end up with a mess. (Example: Notepad++) Also, they just copy and imitate each other.

Kate is still very clean and easy to get started with. With nice innovations like the scroll bar that also is a big-picture overview of the whole document, and “block mode” where you edit the same columns of many lines all at once.
And it is very powerful, without becoming its own operating system (like Emacs and VI and everything build on “web technologies”). It still does one thing: Be an editor. And does it right. With all the bells and whistles that a power user expects.
Plus, if you want more, you can use any other application that uses the same KPart (e.g. KDevelop). Or add some plug-ins.

The only thing I would like to see added, is selecting a word, and pressing a key combo, to edit all occurrences of that word in the document at once.

And maybe try to be less “smart” (read: treating me like I’m stupid) with the default settings. (E.g. trying to indent my Haskell code wrongly whenever I edit certain lines, because it doesn’t get the more advanced code style I use.) But all that “smartness” can be configured differently with one click in the settings, so it’s really just a detail. Plus, all editors think they have to do this nowadays.

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Killer feature for me: copy code as HTML to export syntax highlighting.