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Katalon Studio is a good free automation tool, especially if you want to migrate from commercial tools to Selenium stacks.

  • It is still in active development. I receive new versions every six weeks or so, with many enhancements in each.
  • It bundles everything together including WebDrivers for popular browsers and Android SDK. That means all you have to do is to download and unzip the package.
  • It can record tests on both web app (Chrome/Firefox/IE, Windows/macOS) and mobile app (Android/iOS).
  • It executes tests via Selenium 3 (the latest version). For advanced use cases, you can execute your test on cloud-based browsers or devices (Sauce Labs, BrowserStack, Kobiton, just to name a few).
  • The commands (they call them Keywords) are comparable to Selenese commands, and you can write scripts in Groovy if you know programming. Keyword mode (Record & Playback) and Script mode are always interchangeable. This eases the collaboration between developers and testers especially those with limited or no programming skills.
  • It supports Page Object, Data-Driven Testing, etc. and you can add other libraries or extend it functions because the underlying script is Groovy anyway. I know some people have successfully made use of Sikuli or Gallen framework inside Katalon. It is an important point of migration to Selenium by the way - taking advantages of a free and open ecosystem based on W3C standard instead of locking yourself with expensive and outdated commercial tools.
  • It integrates well with JIRA, and tests can be executed via CLI.

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Good tool for those not having experiences in automation test

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Those who do not have many experiences in automation test should download Katalon Studio. Having tried for more than 1 month and here are my objective opinions.
+ Simple installation and easy to set up the environment
+ Record & Playback functions are quite good so I can quickly create new test cases.
+ I also try to test my REST web service by Katalon Studio and I think it works perfectly, helps me a lot
+ Documentations are not very clear and hard to find the solutions for my problems
+ The size of the application is somehow quite big.
+ Still slow when running a lot of test cases.

It is still a new tool and I hope Katalon Studio will get better in the future. I will recommend it to my colleagues

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I am using Katalon Studio for my test. It contains amazing features, in comparison with the other existing tools in the market. It offers users a friendly UI with the manual mode, plus the support team is really helpful. Personally, i think it is really great.


Best free alternative to the market leaders

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I am using Katalon in my everyday test routines to create and run non-regression tests against several websites on desktop and mobile and it works like a charm!

The major features of the product are :

  • the object repository
  • the data-driven tests
  • the possibility to run the tests on remote servers (BrowserStack, CrossBrowserTesting, SauceLab, you-own-grid, etc)
  • the possibility to parallelize the tests' execution
  • the simple UI

AND the support team is reactive and competent, and it sometimes makes the difference.

**What it lacks of, in my opinion : **

  • a scheduler
  • a tool to design tests
  • a visual recognition engine to get closer of human behavior.
  • a better UI : it takes lot of clicks to do certain things and the UI sometimes act weirdly. A quick UX study would be a good way to find the pain-points.

I definitely recommend this (still young) tool that is already competing with HP and SmartBear, and can only get better.

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Katalon Studio is a nice approach to automation testing

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As someone who have tried both automation frameworks like Selenium and automation tools like QTP, I'm very much impressed with what Katalon Studio brings to the table.

Katalon Studio provides a very well-structured test artifacts ( including test cases, suites, objects, data) like QTP, while also allow me to coding using those artifacts like every self-made frameworks using Selenium. It also enhance the test artifacts managing process by many utilities like the object spy, which I can use to capture all the elements from my website very quickly.

Katalon Studio also run very fast and provide the ability to execute parallel out of the box, which is very nice. I haven't tried to run automation test on mobile devices, but I'm definitely going to try that feature soon.


Recommended web testing tool

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I've been using Katalon for a second project. And here are my comments:

  • I find it very useful for testing over again my project after adding new features. It really saves time.
  • UI and documentation have been improved significantly for beginner testers since my first use of Katalon. Now I can find helpful tutorials and video clips.
  • As my projects are not big, I have not make full use of the tools. But it has very nice features such as mobile testing, test reporting, CI, and integration with Jira and Git.
  • The performance is quite good.
  • I highly recommended the tool and hope it will become better and better.

Free but powerful automated Testing tool for us all

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After using Katalon Studio for my last project, I have some reviews here, hope you guys feel it useful.

  • Support test automation for web and mobile applications. About Katalon, as we all know, it is built on top of Selenium and Appium. Creating an all-in-one toolset for both web and mobile applications, so I guess their target users are quite broad. Do not know whether Katalon develops test automation for desktop later on, but I think in term of web application, they did a good job.
  • It is easy to set up. With little technical skills, testers can easily set up and run tests.
  • Friendly user interface helps users easy to create, execute and manage tests in short time and effortless way.
  • Work well with your CI (Continuous Integration) system as Jenkins, Bamboo.
  • Web record function works well on most websites.
  • The support team is dedicated. Ask them questions through Submit Ticket and you will find the solutions quickly. I think this service is especially helpful for those who’ve just started to get used to it.


  • There is a thing that I don’t really like is the documentation. I found it not easy to understand and follow, take the time to read and explore. I sent the suggestion about this issue to the support team via their email. Currently, I see the difference, they added tutorial videos for more animated and visual instruction. I hope they keep doing it for the next.
  • Since it’s new, the community is not big and get great attention from bunches of testers as the open source or kind of popular tools. So when we ask for help in their Forum (or they call Community), there may be not many answers (so you do not know whether the answer matches your issue). Btw, I asked and received pretty good answers. I hope the community will be bigger in further time for more discussion. At least after reading my review, some of you will take time check it out since it’s a really good tool.
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Overall Comment:"My experience with katalon studio was great and fantastic, Great tool for automation. Very simple to learn and use. Katalon recorder is fantastic

My experience with katalon studio was great and fantastic, Great tool for automation. Very simple to learn and use. Katalon recorder is fantastic :)

I like most about the product or service is Katalon recorder is good and easy to use.

Dislike most about the product or service - None

Don't wait, and start using KATALON

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Katalon Studio was the selected contestant to resolve our automation challenges. Without Katalon, we couldn’t achieve our target to create automated test scripts in one year.
Katalon Studio reduced 60% of time creating automated test scripts and we can analyze the result on the cloud with Katalon Analytics.They offers Manual Mode and Script Mode for both beginner and advanced testers. We think this is an awesome feature for manual testers to learn automation and senior testers to improve automation testing skills. We were able to create our custom code infrastructure as micro-services by using Katalon Studio.?