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Kaspersky AntiVirus Reviews

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Twice I've used Kaspersky. Other times I've tried other similar softwares, none of them were too good, too light or too cheap like Kaspersky. Maybe other users will disagree, but I have to say that I just used for home security.


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Surveill almost all applications that users use.
This is good, because I don't know where the scary virus will come from.

But that's too much. It slows down all the applications I use. This interference is not quiet, which causes the lag of the application.

I recently realized that Visual Studio was too slow for this reason and added it to the exclusion list. What is the reason to monitor real-time tracking when using Visual Studio?

Does Microsoft plant a virus?
Or does the user make it?

I don’t understand how this company uses artificial intelligence, and now I’m annoyed when I see a tray icon thumping and testing something.



In a window environment, files to be downloaded from the web sometimes cannot be copied because of Kasperski's obstruction (inspection), which is quite annoying.

Is it a problem with other anti-virus applications?

This requires a mandatory OS reboot after DB update, but turning off the computer and restarting it is not recognized as a reboot, and its tray icon still remains a red warning for several days.

What's the difference between rebooting and restarting after shutting down for an OS-resident "application"?