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Am impressed with it's self trumpeted credentials, but I have scoured the web for prices for this software and, apart from getting RSI scrolling down below Google's increasingly annoying page filling ads, I am certainly not going to email Kal' for some greasy clueless sales guy to barter with me depending on what I do with it etc etc. I can't even find T & Cs and I won't buy without knowing that either.

Result: will not buy. I have a reason able budget and a definite need. What is their problem?

Will not download trial. The offer of Free Trial seems to forget that it loads my PC with garbage and taxes my time.

Shyster commercial managers and lawyers all over this one I suspect. Hold garlic up to it.


Hello, thank you for your comment.

I am answering in part of Kalipso Studio Team. We are really sorry if there was any concern regarding your experience at our website. I do not know if you accessed to our previous website, but we recently changed it and we are still improving it. So, sure your suggestions are more than welcome.

Regarding the price, it is our policy to provide them to who requests it. If you want to know about it, we will give you all the information - from standard license to perpetual and subscriptions. After it, we will not spam you with messages from our sales team, we share the experience that it is the customer who decides if to buy or not to buy. :)

Regarding the Terms and Conditions - we have them, Kalipso Studio sure has Terms and Conditions. We can provide it to you, and we thank you again for the suggestion, so we can discuss internally if it would be positive to share it on the website directly.

Our option is "Go On Trial" to check how Kalipso Studio works. From our experience, we believe that is one of the best ways to understand if a product fits or not your requirements. There are probably other strategies - this is ours.

Finally, if there is any question you would like to address us with all your doubts, we would be glad to get in touch with you. You can always check some customer feedback about the product if you wish not to talk with us: https://youtu.be/wnuWV2_nM84

Have a great day,
João Gil (from Kalipso Studio Team)

ps: we are sorry for the so late answer on this provided feedback from you.

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