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Kali Linux Reviews

Loved BackTrack 5 r3, Loving Kali Linux even more

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For all those who love network security, penetration testing and other exploitation for testing purposes, this is one linux distro that will not disappoint you. However, this is an advanced linux distro so the Kali Linux is not recommended for those who have just switched from operating system such as WIndows to Linux or those intending to. That being said, those who know their way around Linux will love this distro and will probably be their favourite if they like penetration testing, computer security and so on.


What's with all this patronising of "users from Windows"?! Huh!

And "reviews" which are just comments!

Please refrain from such, thank you.

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The gnome based shell, that I got so familiar with while using backtrack u, is still there. The Debian base is fast and easy to get used to, and easy to modify.


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the article on alternatives to kali linux is so good, all information in one place, good work. Going to try them one by one, by visiting their website.


Good advanced Linux Distro

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Everything you need for penetration testing and vulnerability scanning Kali Linux has it. But NOT recommended for beginners, or people that are planning to switch from Windows to Linux, go with Debian or Ubuntu instead.


People who are planning to switch from Windows, choose Kali for one purpose and one purpose only -- crack Wi-Fi passwords! So, nobody, repeat, nobody is going to choose Debian or Ubuntu instead .