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**Beware of their monthly subscription options!!! ** When you click the toggle for monthly subscriptions, the page refreshes all of their plans. However, only the lowest plan has a monthly payment option. The other two, despite being displayed in the monthly view, charge you for an entire year.


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Kahoot definitely keeps people engaged with the content you're looking to have them learn by gamification. It handles this arguably better than other quiz game style services. However, its attempt to combat cheating does not quite work in an environment where everyone sits close together or in an illuminated location. Part of this problem is inherent to human nature in the face of competition, though there must be other measures the service can take in order to curb cheating.


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I like kahoot because I can study for tests on it even though somtimes i will just be playing by my self.


Overpriced. 20 bucks a month. They must think they...

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Incredibly Overpriced. 20 bucks a month. They must think they invented penicillin or something... Get a cheap html5 quiz maker: much better quizzes than this, and you don't have to give your money away.