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Still excellent.

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K3b is the default program for burning disk images - .iso images, if you will - to DVD on KDE, including KDE's recent Plasma 5 desktop. I have never used anything as convenient or easy or fully featured, out-of-the box as this. In the simplest case, you put the DVD in, you start K3b, you drag the .iso file over and that's it. It's even a pleasure to read the message that tells you something like "if you don't know what to do, leave everything as it is and K3b will do it for you." Nice. Software should make life easier. K3b achieved this admirably.

I met with a heavy heart news that K3b is no longer in development. For the moment, it works and is still distributed with the KDE desktop environments. Alternatives... holds back tear... alternatives, include Small Brasero iconBrasero and Small Xfburn iconXfburn . Both are very good, mind, open source and freely available from a Linux repository near you.


install actual-cdrtools

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debian/ubuntu users ought install ACTUAL-cdrtools and ditch broken "fork" to fully benefit from the k3b front end.

Ubuntu users who are not comfortable compiling themselves are encouraged to use this PPA