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Super fast on slow hardware

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As Firefox/Opera may soon no longer be updated on XP computer without NX-bit (Windows 10 cannot be installed), I tried some browsers. K-meleon was by far the fastest I tried. Faster than Opera, Firefox, Slimjet.

Midori I could not even start as DLL error message appeared, but I managed to install/uninstall.


Lightest browser that still works with modern web, WIN 2000 looking User interface, for very dated hardware.

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plays youtube, look's ancient, runs fast, works well for 2000-2005 era hardware,

lacks very modern features, user interface feels clunky



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Has mouse gestures


Tested on Windows 7 integral edition 32-bit

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It is very light, it is true ^ ^ "
it consumes 4 mb of RAM and 15 MB of V-RAM at startup, which is a BIG plus.

Which repel some, it's the look, a little customizable, but "Windows 2000/ME" style, so it is very simple.

I also noticed that alot of links are dead, the official website ... this is weird.

Well I'll use it when I have stuff to do fast, because I use QuiteRSS to navigate (this is a RSS Feed manager) for some time, but sometimes I need a real browsers especially to activate objects .js ...

In short, it's still a nice browser, I see these functions more closely later.

the Final Release of it (barring any quick fixes) has been packaged onto its server. You can get it by going to [url] http://kmeleon.sourceforge.net/files/K-Meleon74.exe [/url]. The changes are that the issues of it loading the wrong page when going back via the menu and K-Meleon giving the wrong locale to a website have been fixed.



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This is an excellent, very lightweight and fast browser, recommended.

Beautiful! Lightest among modern original browsers.

Try the new version on the official site: http://kmeleon.sourceforge.net/forum/read.php?1,125632