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It's a cancer, with its pricing set up as a perfectly legal scam. It works fine, and when you relax and stop looking, the costs are set up to balloon out of control on you like a tumor. I caught it after a couple of months, and endured many rounds of chemotherapy with their support staff, but we failed to cure the astronomical costs. We had to opt for a difficult and invasive surgery, which seemed to finally put my Jungle Disk in complete remission. Then today I discover that my Jungle Disk has recurred, or rather never fully went away: They are somehow still bilking my wife's credit card for $30 per month. We will be going in for aggressive treatment starting tomorrow, perhaps amputating all our credit cards. I wouldn't wish this on my worst enemy.

Please use SpiderOak instead, it is better than best, it's incredible. Especially compared to the JungleDisk cancer.


Jungle Disk and Customers abandoned by Rackspace

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While the software itself continues to work decently, I recommend looking at the alternatives.

All signs indicate Rackspace has abandoned Jungle Disk.

Nearly two years since the iOS app was updated. [August 3, 2010]
Over a year since the non-existent Android app was slated to be released. [January 26, 2011]
A year since the desktop client was last updated and the official blog was updated. [May 25, 2011]

Lately there's been a ton of movement in this sector: Apple, Google, and Microsoft are all entering the arena. Dropbox, SugarSync, and SpiderOak are all actively improving. With Cloud Drive/Player it seems likely Amazon will probably get in the consumer side of the game soon.

Meanwhile Rackspace and Jungle Disk have nothing to say but to wish us a Happy Thanksgiving.

Between Rackspace shutting the lights off on existing customers with no word of what is going on and the numerous alternatives that haven't been left for dead there is no way I can recommend anyone start using Jungle Disk + Amazon S3 today.


You can use CloudBerry Backup with Amazon S3 and a bunch of other cloud storage providers. The product is actively developed and comes with one time fee as a good old days shareware.

I purchased the pro version of Cloudberry Explorer a while ago and have been pleased.

My needs are cross-platform these days and as far as I'm aware CloudBerry isn't growing beyond Windows. Ideally, I want a single vendor supplying all the clients.

Currently it seems the set of vendors that are cross-platform more greatly intersects with those providing their own cloud than those supporting user-supplied Amazon S3 - leaving me to re-evaluate how important the latter is to me.