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Can't switch between drives. Works well as an explorer for project folders but not as a replacement for Windows Explorer.

[Edited by AlwaysRushing, May 10]

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JumpFm is an open source electron based file explorer. It could finally be the solution for a free, standalone and full featured cross-platform file explorer. Together with other electron based apps like Atom and Hyper it shares some ideas. It is very well thought-out and its default theme its quite beautiful. Even in this early stage it has some very useful features like:

  • Jumping function
  • Git awareness
  • Plugin support
  • Filtering
  • Flat Mode
  • Instant Gist

The keyboard shortcuts are entirely configurable, but JumpFm lacks mouse control for now.
The settings stored in ordinary json files, though there are not that many settings yet. Like other electron based apps it has plugin support, which is nice, because features can be added and implement individually. At the time you are reading this: maybe JumpFm has gained considerably more functionality. Maybe you should jump over to JumpFm and contribute?