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When I dialed the number located on Joomag's website to try and reach customer service/customer support, I reached the Sales/Marketing Department where I spoke with a "Manager" named Edgar Harue. Because they were not the correct department, I asked to be transferred to the customer support department. Well you can imagine my surprise and frustration when he explained to me that it was "impossible" due to the fact that Joomag does not have a direct number for "Customer Support".

I can't express how much frustration I have with this company's lack of "customer support". Emailing and chatting is NOT a decent enough support system! I've actually taken to their 24/7 Live Chat where the ending response was "We will contact you within 24 hours". People that are spending money should be able to speak with a live person who can answer their questions about their account, no matter how much they're paying for their subscription. To quote Mr. Edgar Harue "we have about 3,790 customers all over the world, it's impractical to help them all individually". Wow - that is the essence of a great company isn't it??

Well I'm sure I'll be hearing from some "representative" of this horrible company "within 24 hours", because customer priority is of the utmost importance to Joomag; I won't hold my breath.

To any current Joomag customers: I dare you to call in and ask a simple question regarding your account (all I wanted to know was if my current hard copy order went to print or not, just a yes or no)...then share your experience.

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Joomag has cost us time (and MONEY) due to inexperienced customer service reps and malfunctioning software. Both their subscription fees and hard copies are at a premium price -- but they will REALLY get you with storage fees. And don't expect to publish your magazine on your own time frame. If there are hiccups with publishing after hours, you are out of luck. If you do have a complaint about the premium-priced print-on-demand hard copies (and we’ve had many), Joomag will make you jump through hoops to replace it. Yet, with each print quality complaint, it was the same response, "We know there is a problem and are working on our hard copies and will improve our quality." There was a time that Joomag would call me when they screwed up, but after a series of debacles that stalled our operations they decided that "phone calls weren't their policy". I would not recommend this platform to anyone that wants to present a magazine that seeks dependability in their publishing platform -- along with attentive and responsive customer service. When I recently canceled my premium subscription (after 3+ years) due to too many mistakes on their part, they slapped me with storage fees. Their "solution" is for me to pay up or delete past issues of the magazine...which is a scary proposition for any publication. Why would anyone want to publish with a company that would suggest that the product be deleted? It's disheartening to know how they treat their "valued customers". However…it gets worse…after we canceled our paid subscription with Joomag, they began to display ads for Joomag alongside all of our previous magazines – magazines that we paid to have NO ads in them. Again…why would anyone publish with Joomag with these sorts of business practices?


Joomag is my favorite digital publishing platform

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I tried different digital publishing platforms and Joomag is the best solution so far. Intuitive user interface and easy drag and drop online editor are made to meet everyone's needs.
Publications created with Joomag are accessible for any kind of mobile devices, which is a big PLUS! You can add branding, publish your magazine on Joomag's newsstand, embed a publication on your own website- there are thousands of powerful features to manage your subscribers.
I continue to explore Joomag!