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JitBit Helpdesk Reviews

It makes supporting your customers a pleasant thing to do

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We've been using Jitbit Helpdesk for half a year now and we're incredibly happy with it. Alternative Helpesk solution are often overloaded with useless features like Twitter and Facebook integration etc (like Zendesk or Assistly), while Jitbit's app keeps things simple and straightforward. Guys from our sales department have absolutely no problems using it. Despite the simplicity it has everything we need. On the side note – awesome design in the latest version and great support.


Neat one!

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Great app. My company does consulting for several healthcare organisations, we have about 400 users and 5 agents. We went for the "Saas" version and been using it for 6 months now.

The best thing is their customer support (btw the authors use their own app for this) - we requested two new features and they added them free of charge within 2 weeks. Awesome.