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Comment by Romani
about JDownloader · Jun 2011 · Helpful Not helpful

JDownloader is very good app, but it has several problems : 1) Very big memory footprint - for me its 80-120 Mb, when FreeRapid Downloader, also Java, uses only 20Mb
2) No Guiless (daemon) support. Id like to install Jdownloader on guiless linux server to download files overnight, but can't. Pitiful

120 MB, that's really good actually! I just took a look at mine, it's currently using 360 MB (with a list of 67 download links, 2 of them active).
I still love the application though. I've stopped caring about excess memory usage, at least since Firefox, which regularly goes into the 2-3 GB range for me with only some 20-30 tabs open. Now that's excessive! Sometimes it crashes because it reaches the memory limit for 32-bit applications (somewhere around 3.5 GB in an x64 Windows).


Seriously ?!I have to wait for half an hour on a file-shari ...

Comment by Kiana
about JDownloader · Jun 2011 · Helpful Not helpful

Seriously ?!
I have to wait for half an hour on a file-sharing site to download JDownloader, which "simplifies" downloading from file-sharing sites ?

They have a sense of humour :)
Or they want you to experience the pain once more before you're allowed to use JDownloader.
Or, most likely, they make some money off it by taking part in an affiliate program.

Comment by Calin
about JDownloader · Jun 2011 · Helpful Not helpful

Good tool for download, but it's eating some resources on older machines, especially some RAM due to JAVA platform.

Comment by tomasnygren2
about JDownloader · Jun 2011 · Helpful Not helpful

If one wants to use it with Mac OS Tiger and Java 1.5 (tiger does not officially support Java 1.6 which the latest jDownloader require, eventhough a developer preview has been released) the easiset way is start with an older version of jDownloader (like 0.5xx) and update it with the internal updater.

you can get an old version of jDownloader 0.5xx here:


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