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Simple interface, easy export, has addons

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Jamovi has an easy-to-use, ribbon-like interface. Particularly useful is the quick preview.

Jamovi provides

  • descriptive statistics and diagrams (Histograms, density, box and bar-plots)
  • common types of statistical tests, including t, ANOVA, ANCOVA, MANCOVA and Factor Analysis.
  • GLM and mixed models
  • using addons, you can get meta-analysis, robust statistics and TOST-equivalence-tests.
  • Export to CSV (for data), HTML and PDF (for analysis), SVG and PNG (and some others, for the diagrams)

For programmers: Own addons and their UI are relatively easy to write – using R code for the calculations and a declarative format for the UI.

For most usecases it has all tools I need and for anything except very unusual cases I can use it instead of writing R code.